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Cleanroom Anti-Static Clothing

China KeLing Purification Technology Company certification
China KeLing Purification Technology Company certification
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Keling had successfully supplied us following products on 25 Oct.2017 against PO NO.M170807; Their supplied Air Filters have been working satisfactorily since installation.We are satisfied with their products.


Since we do coopertae with them, they always offer good quality and keep the delivery on time to us, we do appreicated for their kind support !

—— Nasir

This is to certify that we bought U type air shower tunnel, Air Shower and HEPA filter, Secondary air filter ,perfilter for our project from KeLing Purification Technology Co. Ltd, 3C01 Tian Feng Commerce Square, Mid Building, No. 133, Baiyun AV, Baiyun Disctrict , Guangzhou , GuangDong, China against Contract No: 2014/4119005942 in October 22, 201

—— IATEC,Argentina

Product arrived faster than expected and they sent something special in addition to what I ordered. Nice people and fast service!

—— Mohammed Saad

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Company News
Cleanroom Anti-Static Clothing
Latest company news about Cleanroom Anti-Static Clothing

  When working in an electronic factory, employees will inevitably encounter some sophisticated electronic components. The human body will generate static electricity in the process of movement, and these components are particularly vulnerable to static electricity damage. In addition, the normal clothes we wear are composed of natural fibers, which can easily generate static electricity after friction. Therefore, the anti-static coverall worn by electronic factories is not only to protect the quality and safety of products, but also to protect the health of workers from damage.



Dressing standard for the anti-static clothing in clean room:


1. Put items unrelated to production in the locker;


2. Clean the objects and particles in the mouth with a glass of water;


3. Clean the objects that are allowed to be brought into the cleanroom, and prohibited items are strictly prohibited from being brought into and out of the cleanroom;


4. Use soap and water prepared in the clean room to remove makeup or clean your face;


5. Wear a dust-free mask and a dust-free cap, keep your hair and nose not exposed;


6. Put on the anti-static coverall, cover all personal clothes, zip up the zipper and fasten the collar;


7. After cleaning the shoes with detergent, step into the clean area, then put on anti-static shoe covers and tie the laces, or put on dust-free shoes directly;


8. Wear anti-static gloves, tighten the sleeves of the anti-static dust-free clothes, and seal the personal sleeves so that they are not exposed;


9. Next, check the wearing status of the anti-static coverall and correct the existing problems;


10. The anti-static coverall will set up an air shower room for blowing and dust removal, or use a sticky dust stick to remove dust, and step on the sticky dust pad before entering the dust-free workshop;


11. Replacement: The anti-static mask should be replaced once a day, the mesh cap should be replaced once a week, and the anti-static gloves and anti-static finger cots should be replaced every time. If it is found to be dirty and damaged during production, it should be replaced immediately;


12. The speed of people wearing anti-static coverall for the first time will be relatively slow, and some will reach more than 30 minutes, but as long as they are proficient in wearing them, they will save more time. But for professionalism, they can finish in 5 minutes. Of course, for new employees in the early stage, enterprises should also do a tutorial on the wearing of anti-static coverall, so that new employees can master the skills of wearing the anti-static coverall.

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