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Air shower installation process

China KeLing Purification Technology Company certification
China KeLing Purification Technology Company certification
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Keling had successfully supplied us following products on 25 Oct.2017 against PO NO.M170807; Their supplied Air Filters have been working satisfactorily since installation.We are satisfied with their products.


Since we do coopertae with them, they always offer good quality and keep the delivery on time to us, we do appreicated for their kind support !

—— Nasir

This is to certify that we bought U type air shower tunnel, Air Shower and HEPA filter, Secondary air filter ,perfilter for our project from KeLing Purification Technology Co. Ltd, 3C01 Tian Feng Commerce Square, Mid Building, No. 133, Baiyun AV, Baiyun Disctrict , Guangzhou , GuangDong, China against Contract No: 2014/4119005942 in October 22, 201

—— IATEC,Argentina

Product arrived faster than expected and they sent something special in addition to what I ordered. Nice people and fast service!

—— Mohammed Saad

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Company News
Air shower installation process
Latest company news about Air shower installation process

The air shower is a kind of local purification device commonly used in the purification workshop. It is installed at the door of the clean room and is the only passage for people and objects to enter the clean area. People or objects entering the clean room need to be blown through the air shower to remove dust. , reduce the pollution source entering the clean room, and achieve the buffer isolation between the clean area and the non-clean area.

The air shower room equipment is divided into whether there is a base or a base. Taking the base as an example, the equipment consists of a bottom plate, an air shower box (high-efficiency filter, blower, nozzle), a door, and a distribution box.

1. The installation location should provide a suitable installation space, the ground should reach the standard level, and the ground level tolerance should not exceed 3mm.

2. The bottom plate is generally made of stainless steel, which is resistant to friction and easy to clean. First, install the air shower floor at the place where the air shower room is installed;

3. The air shower boxes on both sides are fixed on both sides of the chassis and fixed with screws, etc. After the air shower top box is installed on both sides, the verticality and balance are measured to ensure that the two are connected correctly; the body adopts ordinary The color steel plate has a good overall feeling and is consistent with the material of the clean room; it is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, which is modern and elegant.

4. The next step is to install the door. The two doors in the front and rear of the air shower are electronically interlocked and operated under fully automatic control. During the use process, the sensor will automatically blow the shower. When the shower is blowing, the double doors will be locked. When installing, fix the hinge on the air shower. The side box can be used, and the hinges are reinforced with three stainless steel hinges. After installation, ensure that the door box is completely seamless, and there should be no gap between the clean room wall and the gap, and the gap should be sealed.

5. After the equipment is installed, install and debug the power supply. The air shower is a three-phase five-wire system, three live wires, one ground wire, and one zero wire.

The series of air showers are generally divided into human showers, cargo showers, air showers, and cargo showers; the showers are divided into top showers, unilateral showers, double-sided showers, etc. The degree of automation also includes intelligent voice, automatic , explosion-proof, rolling shutter door, etc., with the continuous improvement of technology, its intelligent system will also be more perfect, according to production needs, box dimensions and other items can be customized according to needs, choose a suitable air shower for installation.


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