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Air filter introduction

China KeLing Purification Technology Company certification
China KeLing Purification Technology Company certification
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Keling had successfully supplied us following products on 25 Oct.2017 against PO NO.M170807; Their supplied Air Filters have been working satisfactorily since installation.We are satisfied with their products.


Since we do coopertae with them, they always offer good quality and keep the delivery on time to us, we do appreicated for their kind support !

—— Nasir

This is to certify that we bought U type air shower tunnel, Air Shower and HEPA filter, Secondary air filter ,perfilter for our project from KeLing Purification Technology Co. Ltd, 3C01 Tian Feng Commerce Square, Mid Building, No. 133, Baiyun AV, Baiyun Disctrict , Guangzhou , GuangDong, China against Contract No: 2014/4119005942 in October 22, 201

—— IATEC,Argentina

Product arrived faster than expected and they sent something special in addition to what I ordered. Nice people and fast service!

—— Mohammed Saad

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Company News
Air filter introduction
Latest company news about Air filter introduction

An air filter is a device that captures dust from a gas-solid two-phase flow through the action of a porous filter material and purifies the gas.

The air filter purifies the air with low dust content and sends it into the room to ensure the process requirements of the clean room and the air cleanliness in the general air-conditioned room.

It mainly depends on the amount of dust and impurities that the air filter picks up. Under normal circumstances, ordinary household cars use dry air filters, which generally need to be replaced every 20,000 kilometers. If the air quality of the driving environment is particularly poor and there is a lot of sand and dust, it should be shortened.

Replacement cycle:

The basic replacement cycle of the air filter is to replace it once a year or about 10,000 kilometers. It depends on the surrounding air environment where the vehicle is used. If it is a city with a better air environment, there is no problem in replacing it every year. If it is an industrial area, the pollution is serious, and the filter element is easy to be dirty, so it is recommended to shorten the replacement cycle, which can be about 8 months.

Basic role:

Compressed air from the air source contains excess water vapor and oil droplets, as well as solid impurities such as rust, sand, pipe sealants, etc., which will damage the piston seal ring and block the small vents on the components. Shorten the service life of components or make them invalid. The function of the air filter is to separate the liquid water and liquid oil droplets in the compressed air, and filter out the dust and solid impurities in the air, but cannot remove the gaseous water and oil.

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